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Mural (Giant unicorn seahorse)

Caballito unicornio gigante


The focus of artist Javier Espinosa´s work lies in the marine world and its species. This interest stems from his second profession as a diving instructor. On his almost daily dives, he also explores life in the sea. During the Activities 2022, he could deepen his explorations with the microscope. The mural he created for the the façade of the Colegio Mediterráneo, an elementary school in Águilas, shows an imaginative advancement of his observations in the sea.


Address C. Reina Sofía, 1, 30880 Águilas, Murcia, Spain

Artist Javier Espinosa

Video Graham Brooks

Photography Graham Brooks, Javier Espinosa

© Javier Espinosa, 2022

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