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Symbiosis Studio

The Symbiosis Studio is a physical space, designed to enable participants to explore the marine world, engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, and produce works related to these activities.
It includes areas for marine research and microscopy that are intertwined with spaces for painting, photography, crafting, and dance. Artists take part in sample collection and analysis; scientists engage in form of artistic expression like graphic visualization and dance. To encourage participants to shift their perspectives, furniture and displays are flexible and the working spaces are installed at differ
ent levels. 

Thinking Hands

A cornerstone of the Symbiosis Studio is cross-disciplinary communication.
o facilitate the discussion of complex problems and the communication of scientific concepts between participants from different disciplines, we developed an artistic method, 
Thinking Hands.

Artists guide a group of participants through a collaborative drawing process. The result is a visual representation of the group’s core ideas. The Thinking Hands walls provide a visual overview of the results of the activity. The assembly of the Thinking Hands walls is flexible. The layout of the pictures can be adjusted and the pictures can be arranged dynamically. Ideas and stories become clear through the visual, picture-based format of communication. By avoiding specialized language, the visual results help communicate effectively across disciplines and to the general public. This unique method helps viewers engage with other perspectives and encourages innovation; it also invites the public to participate in the discussion.

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