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Dance Performance 

Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life is inspired by the marine world: it stages movements of the ocean and its creatures, such as seaweed, octopuses and swarms of fish. By combining them with Samba dance moves, the choreography also links to the carnival tradition of Águilas. 


The dance was accompanied by a specially composed, rhythmic piece of music. The performers wore a costume with colourful patterns and a textile fin on one arm. It represented a fusion of humans and sea creatures. Rhythm of Life was performed on the beach, on studio stages, and at the historical castle of Águilas. 


Premiere 6.10.2022

Duration 20 min

Choreography Daniela Mühlbauer

Dancers Benedikt Atakul, Emilia von Bargen, Naima Von Bargen, Renata Baybekova,
Juliana Iosif, Jacqueline Joosten, Luz Kaufmann, Vicki Blanco Lucero, Sophie Maurer, Sardor Rakhimov, Andreas Remmel, David Quinche

Vocals Gisela Klammsteiner

Music Angel Vilar Castellar (percussion), Nander Vilar Castellar (guitar)

Costume Emilia von Bargen

Photography Fabian Gasperl

Video Stephanie Guse

© Daniela Mühlbauer, Gisela Klammsteiner, 2022

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